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Passion Into Business


Overall it’s been easy and tough journey. There are a lot of challenges like paucity of finance and all other aspects comes together in the entrepreneurial journey. In the local art space, designing every piece yourself and heading to the right direction is a big challenge. We have had many museum or galleries who sold my pieces to different tourists and local customer. There are many innovations that I have done in the designing while working with craftsmen. I would say the biggest achievement is the passion that lies in me. 


With this passion, i bring this passion into business and constantly gathering local & oversea designers. One Gallery is also a platform where designers can promote and showcase their products to larger audiences.


To be a Thoughtful Creator, presenting local cultures in fun and unique ways


Offer creative & innovative products that connect past, present & future generations with both modern twist & compelling story


Core Values
Love what you do. Approach with passion, continuously improve-oneself, company and environment.