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As a company focused on spreading awareness of Singapore across Southeast Asia, we recognize the importance of conserving our planet and contributing to the wellbeing of our people. We are strongly committed to a resource-positive future and fulfilling your daily needs with functional basic necessities in life without excess packaging while driving sustainability initiatives and helping to reduce pollution, use less energy, limit the use of nonrenewable resources, and produce less waste overall.

 As human beings, we develop the habit of ordering our meals through food delivery apps or having takeaways until it has started to become a norm for all of us. Through these daily actions, plastic wastage rates would increase gradually.


Avoid plastic cutlery wastage

Stop discarding your single-use cutleries just to let them end up in the landfills in our waterways and endanger wildlife. Let’s reduce environmental degradation and pollution rates, and start cultivating the habit of using ECO-friendly cutleries in our daily lives! (Click here to find out more about our eco-cutleries)


Stop using plastic and paper bag

Ever thought of having a bag to place your groceries in? Say no more! Plastic and paper bags are a boring waste of resources. Here’s an idea, get your own reusable netted bags on your next shopping spree! One Gallery sells netted bags and mesh bags with a variation of colours in NTUC Finest outlets on a regular basis!