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1 Singapore

In One Gallery, we have a bold aspiration to be a company that best represents Singapore’s culture. As a company striving to be a vessel of Singapore’s remembrance, we are aware that there have been several changes in Singapore’s physical facade. However, there are still timeless aspects that are deeply rooted in us and it has become a form of our culture and identity. 

The founder of One Gallery, Mr Vince Chua, sat by Marina Bay with a cup of coffee and took a whole panoramic view of Singapore. Mr Vince Chua then realised his deep appreciation for his homeland and made his decision to embark on his own business to spread awareness of Singapore across Southeast Asia.

As Singaporeans, let’s all express our deepest gratitude toward our country whereby we were moulded into people who share similar slangs and childhood. With Singapore being one of the safest countries, we are all privileged to grow up in a homeland where we can build our fondest memories without any disasters.